BCom Program Overview

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com), a three-year undergraduate curriculum, aims to prepare students for careers in Banking, Accounting, Insurance, and Finance by teaching them Analytical skills, Finance, Economics, Business Acumen, Business Laws, Taxation understanding, etc.

Why should one study B.Com online?

Critical thinking, the flexibility of learning, self-paced, lesser admission criteria, affordability, time-saving, devoid of relocation, and many more make the B.Com online course lucrative to pursue.

Key Highlights

  • Dual Degree
  • Live Classes during Weekends
  • Repeated Access to the Course Material
  • UGC Approved
  • Flexibility of Learning

Program Duration

A B.Com online program is a 6-semester, 3-year undergraduate program.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidate must have completed +2 or equivalent

For Whom

For Whom

Aspiring for Dual Degree

Decouple the Career Barrier

To Reinitiate one’s Career

Wants to Pursue Studies while Continuing Job

  • Program Benefits
  • Career Options

Program Benefits

  • Professional Course: The Bachelor's Degree in Commerce is an extensive professional program that provides specialized instruction and skill development appropriate for the chosen profession or industry.
  • Expertise in Various Subjects: One can gain competence in a variety of areas, including Accountancy, Taxation, Banking, Finance, Business Law, Cost Accounting, and many more, by pursuing a B.Com online. These courses open up a wealth of prospects in a variety of industries.
  • Best ROI: One of the best investments one can make in oneself is to pursue a B.Com. It is reasonably priced and creates jobs across all sectors, including the public, commercial, and government ones with a good pay package.
  • Opportunities in Various Industries: Because a B.Com degree holder develops knowledge in a variety of fields, there are openings for graduates in commerce across a wide range of industries.
  • Career Growth: There is plenty of room for professional growth because a wide range of industries need them. To reach the top of their industry, they can establish careers in Taxation, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Insurance, Wealth Creation, Auditing, Management, etc.
BCom Program Benefits

Career Options

  • Financial Risk Manager: A Financial Risk Manager's duties include monitoring the shifting business market as well as identifying and assessing potential hazards that could endanger an organization's success and offering solutions to reduce those risks.
  • Business Analyst: Evaluating business processes, anticipating requirements, uncovering areas for improvement, and developing and implementing technical solutions to the problems that arise in a business so that the company can grow smoothly.
  • Public Sector Banker: A public sector banker is responsible for opening and managing customer's bank accounts, authorizes and evaluates overdrafts and loans, and, if required, writes cashier cheques and money orders.
  • Accountant: An accountant is responsible for compiling, evaluating, documenting, reporting, and maintaining the accuracy and timeliness of the financial information of a company or an individual throughout the year.
  • Tax Consultant: Tax Consultants assist firms and individuals with Accounting, Auditing, and effective planning to lessen their clients' tax burdens. They are experts in tax liabilities and tax deductions.
BCom Career Options

Course Curriculum

Semester Wise Courses

  • Integrated Professional English
  • Accountant in Business
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Principles of Management
  • Fundamentals of Cost Accounting
  • Indian Heritage & Culture

  • English Proficiency
  • Advanced Cost Accounting
  • Introduction to Income Tax
  • Business Mathematics & Statistics
  • Corporate and Business Law
  • Ecology & Environment
  • Practice school/SIP

  • Advanced Accounting
  • Corporate Financial Management
  • Introduction to Auditing
  • Assessment of Direct Taxes
  • Management Accounting
  • Introduction to Corporate Accounting

  • Professional Communication Skills
  • Advanced Corporate Accounting
  • Accounting Information System
  • Banking, Law and Practice
  • Corporate Report Writing
  • Practice School / SIP

  • French (Foreign Language)
  • Goods and Service Tax
  • Business Strategy
  • Accounting & Reporting Standards
  • Elective – I
  • Elective- II

  • Industrial Training

Elective Courses

  • Corporate Tax Planning & Management
  • Advanced Cost & Management Accounting
  • Corporate Restructure
  • Entrepreneurship Development

  • Financial Derivatives
  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Export and Import Documentation
  • Security Analysis & Portfolio Management

Fee Structure

Programme Level Duration in Years App fee in Rs Admission fee in Rs No of sem's Total-Tution fee per programme in Rs Examination fee (UG:750/- per sem & PG: 1000/- per sem) in Rs LMS fee-(1000/- per sem) in Rs Total Fee
B.Com UG 3 500 10,000 6 72,700 4,500 6,000 93,700

Support During the Program

Onboard session for new Students
KLU conducts an ‘Onboard Session’ for the newly enrolled students.
Academic Calendar for the Semester
KL University provides Academic Calendar to the Students.
Learning planning weekly Schedule of Learning
To ensure that students clear exams, the KLU provides a ‘Weekly Schedule of Learning’.
Robust LMS Platform
User-friendly LMS platform is used.
Faculty and Mentor Connect
KLU helps students to progress in their education.
Examination Review and Preparation Guidance
KLU assesses the student’s progress and guides him/her in examination preparation.
BBA Online

Frequently Asked Questions

A. The Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com), a three-year undergraduate program, teaches students analytical abilities, Finance, Economics, Business acumen, Business Laws, Taxation comprehension, Accountancy, and other topics to prepare them for employment in Banking, Accounting, Insurance, and Finance.

A. It will be quite beneficial to make sure that one has some basic knowledge of courses like Accounting, Business Studies, Math or an elective study, and/or Economics.

A. To study B.Com online, you must possess several talents or skills, including the capacity to assess financial factors, communication, problem-solving, leadership abilities, creativity and innovation, and decision-making.

A. Finishing a B.Com online has several benefits, including the ability to learn at your own pace, multiple modes of communication methods, the potential to acquire a dual degree, and the ability to continue working while you are a student.

A. A B.Com degree is an incredible choice because it offers both job satisfaction and a good pay package.

A. To ensure that the flow of goods between the home country and other countries is unhindered, an Export and Import Manager is accountable for planning and coordinating shipments, supervising delivery, managing customers and staff, and ensuring that shipments comply with domestic laws as well as International Export, Trade, and Finance Laws.