MA-English Program Overview

Program Overview

An MA in English is a two-year postgraduate program that focuses on the study of Literature and Language, including works by famous authors from all over the world in the form of plays, novels, short stories, poetry, etc., to improve analytical and critical thinking abilities.

Why should one study MA English online?

The financial and time factor, studying while working, being in charge of one's schedule, and fewer admission requirements make pursuing an online MA English Program lucrative. The best part is that online courses are as valuable as offline.

Key Highlights

  • Dual Degree
  • Live Classes during Weekends
  • UGC Recognized
  • Repeated Access to the Course Material
  • 100% Online

Program Duration

An MA English online program is a 4-semester, 2-year post-graduate program.

Eligibility Criteria

Graduates in any discipline are eligible for this course.

For Whom

For Whom

Aspiring for Dual Degree

Decouple the Career Barriers

To reinitiate one’s Career

Wants to Pursue Studies while Continuing Job/p>

  • Program Benefits
  • Career Options

Program Benefits

  • Scope of Career Development: Following the successful completion of an MA in English, there is ample opportunity for career progression.
  • International Career: As English is the third most spoken language, landing a job across the world is quite the order of the day.
  • Enhances Job Growth Stability: Jobs based on an MA English provide more stability along with the scope for ample career growth.
  • Better Understanding of the World: Since an MA in English opens the window to the world of knowledge, developing a global perspective is quite common.
  • Scope for Travelling: For a globe trekker, pursuing an MA in English will be advantageous. This will provide ample change for traveling.
MA-English Program Benefits

Career Options

  • Professor: Higher Education institutions employ professors as lecturers and researchers and as they gain experience, they will devote more time to research and offer fewer lectures to students.
  • Public Relations Officer: The public Relationship officer is responsible for managing media relations. In other words, they plan and develop PR strategies for brands, organizations, companies, or individuals.
  • Public Servant: The public servant serves the government and its people and is in charge of ensuring their welfare as well as the welfare of society.
  • Content Writer: A content writer is a skilled writer who creates, edits, and publishes content for a variety of media channels. He covers a wide range of subjects and is in charge of producing the best written or graphic content, including blog articles and press releases.
  • Proposal Manager: A Proposal Manager's responsibility is to ensure that every business proposal is fully executed from beginning to conclusion.
MA-English Career Options

Course Curriculum

  • History of English Language
  • Ancestral Voices- Early English Literature
  • Drama (Shakespeare to Restoration Age)
  • Modern Fairytale Literature/ Creative Writing

  • English poetry-II (Tennyson to Ted Hughes)
  • Modern Novel
  • Indian Writing in English
  • American Literature
  • English Language Teaching - Contemporary Approaches

  • Literary Criticism
  • Research Methodology & Project Writing
  • ICT for Language Learning
  • Term Paper
  • Contemporary Poetry and Drama
  • European Classics
  • Applied Linguistics

  • New Literature in English
  • English for Careers
  • Teaching English Language & Literature
  • Literature & Media Studies
  • Literature and Gender

Fee Structure

Programme Level Duration in Years App fee in Rs Admission feein Rs No of sem's Total-Tution fee per programme in Rs Examination fee (UG:750/- per sem & PG: 1000/- per sem) in Rs LMS fee-(1000/- per sem) in Rs Total Fee
MA English PG 2 500 10,000 4 62,000 4,000 4,000 80,500

Support During the Program

Onboard session for new Students
KLU conducts an ‘Onboard Session’ for the newly enrolled students.
Academic Calendar for the Semester
KL University provides Academic Calendar to the Students.
Learning planning weekly Schedule of Learning
To ensure that students clear exams, the KLU provides a ‘Weekly Schedule of Learning’.
Robust LMS Platform
User-friendly LMS platform is used.
Faculty and Mentor Connect
KLU helps students to progress in their education.
Examination Review and Preparation Guidance
KLU assesses the student’s progress and guides him/her in examination preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. To get in-depth knowledge of subjects related to Literature and Linguistics, acquire a new set of skills, love to enter the corporate world, and so on, an MA in English is a must.

A. Before applying for an MA in English, consider your academic interests, academic knowledge, goals, strengths, and weaknesses, along with where to apply.

Ans. For those interested in pursuing an MA in English, it is necessary to possess skills such as writing, speaking, critical and analytical thinking, a love of books, and an interest in learning about different cultures.

A. There are several advantages to pursuing an online MA in English degree, including cost and time savings, the ability to study while working, the development of skills, fewer admissions requirements, and a wide range of colleges and universities from which to pick.

A. You can pursue an online MA in English in India even if English isn't one of your majors in your undergraduate program.