MSc-Maths Program Overview

Program Overview

The two-year MSc Mathematics program covers a wide range of subjects, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, differential equations, number theory, and many others, in-depth, to help students develop their analytical, logical, and problem-solving abilities.

Why should one study online Master’s Mathematics?

A 100% online program, a global perspective, critical thinking, affordability, time and energy savings, and the option to keep working while you learn make completing an online M.Sc. in Math highly lucrative.

Key Highlights

  • Market-oriented
  • Learn while you Earn
  • UGC approved
  • Live classes during weekends
  • Multiple mode of calculations

Program Duration

A 4-semester, 2-year post-graduate program can be completed with an online M.Sc Maths.

Eligibility Criteria

Graduation in any discipline

For Whom

For Whom

Aspiring for Dual Degree

Break the Career Hurdles

To re-launch one’s career

Wants to Pursue Studies while Continuing Job

  • Program Benefits
  • Career Options

Program Benefits

  • Multiple Opportunities: Pursuing an M.Sc in Maths online is always advisable as multiple job opportunities are always open. Many industries and sectors require persons who have expertise in Mathematics.
  • International Opportunities: Since Mathematics is essential for practically everyone, the demand for them is global. Consequently, a career overseas can be developed.
  • Demand in Various Industries: From school to space, and from Geology to Astronomy, Maths plays a key role. And hence, in almost all sectors M.Sc in Maths degree holder is in demand.
  • Career Scope in all Sectors: Every sector, whether public, government, or private, needs someone with an M.Sc. in Mathematics. Therefore, there are a ton of opportunities available at all times.
  • Career Advancement: An M.Sc in Maths provides ample chances to grow vertically and climb the career ladder.
MSc-Maths Program Benefits

Career Options

  • Mathematician
  • Software Developer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Financial Analyst
  • Meteorologist
MSc-Maths Career Options

Course Curriculum

Semester Wise Courses

  • Real Analyst
  • Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Introduction to Computer Programming
  • MathematicaI Statistics
  • Seminar-1
  • Integrated Professional English

  • Abstract Algebra
  • Data Structures
  • Statistical Inference
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Complex Analysis
  • Technical Skills
  • Seminar-2
  • Design Thinking and Innovation - 1

  • Topology
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Continuum Mechanics
  • Statistics with R Programming
  • Seminar-3
  • Design Thinking and Innovation - 2

  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Transform Techniques
  • Dissertation
  • Elective-II
  • Elective-III

Elective Courses

  • Operations Research
  • Functional Analysis
  • Fuzzy Mathematics and Applications

  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Mathematical Control Theory
  • Dynamical Systems

  • Advanced Numerical Analysis
  • Number Theory
  • Applied Stochastic Processes

Fee Structure

Programme Level Duration in Years App fee in Rs Admission feein Rs No of sem's Total-Tution fee per programme in Rs Examination fee (UG:750/- per sem & PG: 1000/- per sem) in Rs LMS fee-(1000/- per sem) in Rs Total Fee
MSc Mathematics PG 2 500 10,000 4 77,000 4,000 4,000 95,500

Support During the Program

Onboard session for new Students
KLU conducts an ‘Onboard Session’ for the newly enrolled students.
Academic Calendar for the Semester
KL University provides Academic Calendar to the Students.
Learning planning weekly Schedule of Learning
To ensure that students clear exams, the KLU provides a ‘Weekly Schedule of Learning’.
Robust LMS Platform
User-friendly LMS platform is used.
Faculty and Mentor Connect
KLU helps students to progress in their education.
Examination Review and Preparation Guidance
KLU assesses the student’s progress and guides him/her in examination preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. The two-year MSc Mathematics program covers a variety of topics like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, differential equations, number theory, and many more to enhance their analytical, logical, and problem-solving skills.

A. One must possess a few specialized skills, such as number capability, effective communication skills, capacity to explain complex numerical concepts, etc., before enrolling in a master's program in mathematics.

A. A few of the skills which are essential to outsmart others are numerical understanding, research skills, observation skills, IT skills, mathematical reasoning, deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, information ordering, number facility, etc.

A. The flexibility to continue working while earning an online M.Sc. in Math would make it an excellent choice because it fosters critical thinking, a global perspective, affordability, and time and energy savings.

A. An M.Sc. in Mathematics degree holder gets a good pay package.

A. Financial risk management is the responsibility of Quantitative Risk Analysts. They identify, quantify, and manage the risks related to financial products and portfolios using mathematical and statistical modeling expertise.