The 'Onboarding Session' is conducted for the newly enrolled learners, on the very first day, of their joining a COE program. The online meeting is attended by the Director (KLEF-COE), Course Coordinators, faculty members of COE and of course the newly joined learners. The session starts with a brief about the Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation (KLEF), its ranking among private deemed to be universities in India and NAAC accreditation scores.

It is followed by an update about the various programmes offered, which are duly approved by the competent authorities, trailed by the validation and credentials of the degrees under COE. It also highlights each program’s excellent coverage of curriculum, which is framed keeping in mind the industry requirements and employability opportunities. It explains the four-quadrant approach through which the online programs are delivered in line with the UGC guidelines.

The session moves further featuring each program one by one, introducing their respective Programme Coordinator, and narrating a brief profile of their academic, research and industrial expertise.

The students will then be briefed about the Academic Calendar which serves as a ready reference of the important dates for the corresponding academic year along with a Learning Plan which would help them study their lessons and to make them exam-ready in a well-planned manner. The session also acquaints them with the Live Sessions Schedules and the various faculty members allocated to their respective programs. The students then learn about the Assessment Criteria followed by KLEF for both In-Semester and End-Semester assessments. Finally, the on-boarding session concludes with the details about the Grievance Redressal Mechanism through which the students can be able to resolve their grievances, if any, related to LMS, Academics, Examinations, Administration, etc., for the smooth functioning of teaching-learning process throughout their academic career at KLEF.