To realize an ecosystem where, quality is strived for in all processes of the KLUCOE to the best satisfaction of every stakeholder. 


  1. To conduct regular academic and administrative audits 
  2. To encourage self-evaluation, accountability, autonomy and transparency through quality circles in all processes of the KLUCOE. 
  3. To promote the effective use of latest technical know-how for automation of activities. 
  4. To develop protocols for all activities and refine them based on stakeholders’ feedback. 
  5. To develop the capacity of academic and non-academic staff members for overall quality development. 

Incorporation of CIQA

KLEF Centre for Online Education (KLUCOE) established the Centre for Internal Quality Assurance for offering programmes in Online mode to impart the quality education to the learners. As per the University Grants Commission (Online Courses or Programmes) Regulations, 2018 the center for internal quality assurance was established on 1st April 2019. The main aim of the CIQA is to maintain the quality in the courses offered through online by KLUCOE, Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation (KLEF).

The Centre has been established with the primary focus to shoulder the responsibilities of generating and promoting awareness for quality assurance and to work out the procedural details. The CIQA shall directly report to the Director of KLUCOE, KLEF.

Quality Policy

The KLU COE is dedicated to deliver quality education for all round development of the students to meet the changing requirements of industry, business and society.

There would be periodic review of all the processes followed for the conduction of online programs to ensure that the quality parameters are within the range as defined by the university.