MBA Data Science Program Overview

Program Overview

An MBA in Data Science is a two-year post-graduate degree that deals with obtaining, collecting, interpreting, and analyzing data for the benefit of a company or organization and to stop losses. It enhances analytical and management skills.

Why should one study MBA in Data Science online?

It’s the best way to study online MBA in Data Science in India. Easy accessibility, flexibility, geographic flexibility and above all time saving makes online education attractive. One can earn while pursuing the course and break the hurdles of the superb career.

Key Highlights

  • Study while Earning
  • In-Demand Specialization
  • Placement Support
  • Elite Instruction
  • NAAC – A ++ Grade

Program Duration

Online MBA in Data Science is a 2-year post graduate program with 4 semesters.

Eligibility Criteria

Graduates in any discipline are eligible for this course.

For Whom

For Whom

Aspiring for the Dual Degree

Break the Career Hurdles

Re-launch ones Career

Wants to Pursue Studies while Continuing Job/p>

  • Program Benefits
  • Career Options

Program Benefits

  • Worldwide Career Scope: As someone with a degree in this field knows to anticipate potential dangers in the future and turn them into profits, there are many opportunities for employment, growth, and advancement in various nations.
  • High Untapped Opportunities: Since this field is more recent, there is more room for professional growth and demand, but there aren't enough qualified people to fill these vacancies, so this course is quite profitable.
  • Critical for Company Growth: To continuously evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, an MBA in Data Science degree holder comes in handy and can make strategic decisions that support their growth goals.
  • Hone Skills to Predict Risk: Skills like obtaining, collecting, interpreting, analyzing, and concluding data are some of the skills which are sharpened during this course.
  • Skills to Develop Strategies: A master in Data Science develops the abilities needed to create market strategies that will benefit the business or organization.
MBA Data Science Program Benefits

Career Options

  • Data Analytical Officer: A Data Analytical Officer works with the available data to plan, carry out, and evaluate surveys and data dashboards. They also manipulate, analyze, and interpret massive amounts of data.
  • Data Engineer: A data engineer collects, arranges, and processes data in order to develop solutions that Data Scientists and Business Analysts may use.
  • Business Analyst: Business analysts carefully examine and dissect data to create models that reveal trends, offer insightful information, and promote the expansion of a business.
  • Research Analyst: The career scope for a Research Analyst is researching, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data related to markets for the company's growth and profit.
  • Data Scientist: To make data-driven decisions and assess market trends for the benefit of businesses and industries, a data scientist must comprehend and interpret data.
MBA Data Science Career Options

Course Curriculum

  • Essentials of Management
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Business Economics
  • Financial & Management Accounting
  • Business Research Methods
  • Introduction to Python Programming

  • Foundation in Data Base Management Systems
  • Management Science
  • Human Resource Management
  • Data Visualization using Tableau
  • Excel for Data Science
  • Marketing Management
  • Live Project

  • Advanced Business Analytics Using R & Python
  • Econometrics with Business Applications Using R/Gretl/Eviews
  • Machine Learning Using Python
  • Advanced Excel for Data Science
  • Elective I - Marketing Analytics –I /Financial Analytics –I /People Analytics –I
  • Mini Project

  • Natural Language Processing - NLP
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Deep Learning Using Python
  • Advanced SQL for Data Science
  • Elective II - Marketing Analytics –II/Financial Analytics –II/People Analytics –II
  • Management Research Project

Fee Structure

Programme Level Duration in Years App fee in Rs Admission feein Rs No of sem's Total-Tuition fee per programme in Rs Examination fee (UG & PG: 500/- per sem) in Rs LMS fee-(500/- per sem) in Rs Total Fee
MBA Data Science PG 2 500 1,000 4 80,000 2,000 2,000 85,500

Support During the Program

Onboard session for new Students
KLU conducts an ‘Onboard Session’ for the newly enrolled students.
Academic Calendar for the Semester
KL University provides Academic Calendar to the Students.
Learning planning weekly Schedule of Learning
To ensure that students clear exams, the KLU provides a ‘Weekly Schedule of Learning’.
Robust LMS Platform
User-friendly LMS platform is used.
Faculty and Mentor Connect
KLU helps students to progress in their education.
Examination Review and Preparation Guidance
KLU assesses the student’s progress and guides him/her in examination preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. An MBA in Data Science can give you a wide range of technical and business capabilities, as well as the analytical and managerial abilities needed to tackle future business problems that are in great demand in the job market today.

A. To do well in this subject, one needs to be proficient in math, computer skills, critical and analytical thinking, viewpoint expression, and other skills.

A. Programming Language, Mathematics, Data Analysis & Visualization, Web Scraping, Machine Language with AI & Deep Learning, and problem-solving skills are a few of the skills that are vital to excel in this field.

A. The opportunity to learn at your speed, a range of communication options, and the capacity to continue working while you study are all advantages of taking an MBA in data science online. Professionals like this degree because of the numerous opportunities and respectable pay.

A. A degree holder in MBA in Data Science is paid extremely well.

A. A data scientist must be able to analyze and interpret data to make data-driven decisions and evaluate market trends for the benefit of businesses and industries.