MBA Entrepreneurship Program Overview

Program Overview

Candidates who aspire to launch, oversee, or manage businesses might consider an MBA in Entrepreneurship. Along with the emphasis on entrepreneurship, small business management, legal education, and financial innovation are also stressed.

Why should one study an MBA in Entrepreneurship?

Pursuing an online MBA in Entrepreneurship program is very lucrative due to its self-paced nature, global viewpoint, affordability, the flexibility of studying, and provision for learning while earning. It offers a great chance to many people who, for a variety of reasons, were unable to continue higher education.

Key Highlights

  • 100% Online
  • Flexibility of Learning
  • Industry-Oriented
  • UGC approved
  • Repeated Access to the Course Material

Program Duration

An MBA Entrepreneurship online program is a 4-semester, 2-year post-graduate program.

Eligibility Criteria

Graduates in any discipline are eligible for this course.

For Whom

For Whom

Aspiring for Dual Degree

Decouple the Career Barriers

To reinitiate one’s career

Wants to Pursue Studies while Continuing Job

  • Program Benefits
  • Career Options

Program Benefits

  • Develops Financial Acumen: An MBA in Entrepreneurship improves one's financial literacy, enabling one to make wise decisions about their finances as well as the financial facets of running a firm.
  • Hones Negotiation Skills: Negotiating is crucial in business. These are sharpened when you study for an online MBA in entrepreneurship in India.
  • Gains Other Subjects Knowledge: One obtains a solid understanding of a few linked subjects, including law, technology, accounting, and taxes.
  • Provides hand-on experience: An MBA in Entrepreneurship offers practical experience, but it also makes it easier to avoid potential problems.
  • Prepares to run Organizations: The knowledge and abilities needed to govern a company, such as team building, maintaining organization, and network building, are sharpened.
MBA Entrepreneurship Program Benefits

Career Options

  • Business Owner: An MBA in Entrepreneurship enables owners of businesses are responsible for their companies' development, continuity, direction, and day-to-day operations development, continuity, direction, and day-to-day operations of their companies.
  • Finance Controller: The finance controllers of an organization keep track of its accounting and regulatory compliance.
  • Invest Banker: Supporting institutional customers with capital raising, mergers, and acquisitions is the responsibility of an investment banker.
  • Management Analyst: In order to help management of a company run more effectively and efficiently, a management analyst is in charge of conducting and creating operations and procedures manuals.
  • Development Officer: The development officers are responsible for short- and long-range strategic planning activities to create and implement fund-raising goals of a company.
MBA Entrepreneurship Career Options

Course Curriculum

Semester Wise Courses

  • Quantitative Methods
  • POM & Organizational Behaviour
  • Business Economics
  • Financial and Management Accounting
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Environment (National and International)
  • Business Legislation
  • Business Communication

  • Design Thinking and Innovation
  • Introduction to Business Analysis & R Programming
  • Business Research Methodology
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Operations management
  • Information systems & ERP
  • Soft Skills for Managers

  • Strategic Management
  • Entrepreneurship & Family Business
  • Sectoral Elective 1

  • Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
  • Sectoral Elective 2
  • Management Research Project

Elective Courses

  • Technology Innovation, Product Development & Prototyping
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
  • Theories & Models of Techno Entrepreneurship
  • Start-up Law, Ethics and Environment in India
  • Digital Marketing for Innovations
  • Managing Operations for Technological Innovations in Start-ups
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Corporate and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Venture Financing & Management
  • Buying and Selling a Small Business (M & A)

Sectoral Electives

Fee Structure

Programme Level Duration in Years App fee in Rs Admission feein Rs No of sem's Total-Tuition fee per programme in Rs Examination fee (UG & PG: 500/- per sem) in Rs LMS fee-(500/- per sem) in Rs Total Fee
MBA Entrepreneurship PG 2 500 1,000 4 60,000 2,000 2,000 65,500

Support During the Program

Onboard session for new Students
KLU conducts an ‘Onboard Session’ for the newly enrolled students.
Academic Calendar for the Semester
KL University provides Academic Calendar to the Students.
Learning planning weekly Schedule of Learning
To ensure that students clear exams, the KLU provides a ‘Weekly Schedule of Learning’.
Robust LMS Platform
User-friendly LMS platform is used.
Faculty and Mentor Connect
KLU helps students to progress in their education.
Examination Review and Preparation Guidance
KLU assesses the student’s progress and guides him/her in examination preparation.
BBA Online

Frequently Asked Questions

A. It is an evergreen profession with exponential growth because there is always a need for people with MBAs in HR, Finance, and Marketing.

A. Find out about the newest technology, financial, accounting, and legal knowledge, and get help when needed before deciding whether to pursue an MBA in Entrepreneurship.

A. If one possesses or acquires skills like data-driven decision-making, adaptability, taking calculated risks, openness to fresh ideas, communication skills, sales, focus, ability to learn new things, and business strategy will be an advantage to the candidate.

A. The freedom to learn at your speed, a range of communication options, a global perspective, and the chance to keep working while you are a student are all advantages of finishing an MBA in Entrepreneurship online program.

A. Investment bankers help their clients raise finance on the capital markets by selling loans or shares of the companies.

A. As a prospective entrepreneur, an online MBA in Entrepreneurship degree will assist you in developing creative ideas, spotting emerging market opportunities, knowing your strengths and shortcomings, and recognizing risk-taking behavior more professionally.