Know the Myths About Online BBA

Know the Myths About Online BBA

Getting into a renowned higher education institution to pursue a coveted degree program is no cakewalk for students who have completed class 12th board examinations. Simultaneously, choosing a college major is daunting for many students as it acts as a gateway to the professional world. So, students often consider those professional degrees that promise a better return on investment.

Fortunately, several undergraduate degrees equip students with job-ready skills. Still, a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is among the most sought-after undergraduate degree programs to kickstart a career in management after class 12th board exams. As the degree adds value to a student’s resume, many prospective business professionals opt for a BBA program.

This three-year undergraduate degree program provides in-depth knowledge of the management and administration of a business. The course is tailor-made to prepare students for the business world. If you want to enter the corporate or business domain, investing in a BBA degree program can yield a better result for a rewarding career.

Although BBA is among the popular undergraduate degrees, students are still skeptical about pursuing it online due to certain myths related to it. So, this article will debunk the top six myths about online BBA courses.

Debunking Popular Myths about BBA Programs:

  1. It has little or no value: A common misconception related to an online BBA degree is that it is useless compared to a traditional BBA degree as it will not help students land a job right after completing the course. Their belief is undoubtedly incorrect as potential employers consider the skills and knowledge gained through the program irrespective of its learning mode. Aside from this, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has also authorized top-notch universities to offer their programs online. Thus, online degree programs contain weight and value similar to offline degrees.

  2. Online BBA curriculum is accessible: Passing an online BBA course is usually considered easy. Contrary to this popular belief, online BBA programs are just as challenging as traditional ones. In fact, online BBA is more complex than conventional on-campus business administration programs.

  3. Only commerce students can pursue online BBA: Many students often believe that only students with a commerce background can opt for an online BBA course. However, the fact is that BBA is an ‘open to all’ degree program, and all students can pursue it regardless of their educational background.

  4. BBA and B. Com are synonymous: Many students confuse BBA with B. Com, but both degrees lead to different career paths. BBA is a business administration degree that prepares students for IT, HR, and consultancy careers, whereas a B. Com degree deals with commerce and accounts.

  5. Lack of peer interaction: Another misconception is that there won’t be any interaction with peers in BBA online classes. In reality, colleges and universities offer live lectures, discussions, and virtual engagement opportunities to assist students in learning from each other and forming a meaningful professional network for better career opportunities.

  6. MBA is the only way to succeed: Master of Business Administration (MBA) definitely gives a leg up when trying to climb the corporate ladder, but it’s not the only way forward after a BBA. A BBA graduate can pursue a postgraduate degree in a variety of fields, such as Mass Communication, Designing, or LLB.

The Bottom Line

If truth be told, students’ perceptions of online BBA programs collide with reality. It implies no difference in the value of the BBA degree obtained online or on campus. In fact, earning an online BBA degree saves a considerable amount of time, money, and effort. So, if the unwarranted myths are dispelled, an online BBA course in India is an excellent option for upgrading one’s career. So, check out the best online BBA programs to make a well-informed decision for a promising management career.